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Regulation of 2015 of Minister of Rural Affairs of Estonia on Direct Payment for Growing Fruit and Vegetables

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The Regulation establishes the specific requirements for receiving direct payment for coupled support to fruit and vegetables, and the procedure of applying for and the processing of applications. Support can be applied for by natural and legal persons and associations of persons without legal person status who comply with the requirements specified in Article 2 of the Regulation No 32 of the Minister of Rural Affairs Regulation General requirements for granting direct payments, single area payments, climate and environmental support, and payments for young farmers of 17 April 2015. This Act provides the bases of and procedure for trading, the organisation of supervision of trading and liability for violations of this Act.
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RT I, 22.04.2015, 30
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Eesti maaeluministri 2015. aasta m rus Puu- ja k givilja kasvatamise otsetoetus