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Regulation No. 109 of 2014 of Minister of Agriculture on Requirements for indications identifying the lot to which a foodstuff belongs

Type of law

The Regulation regulates food lot indication in Estonia. More specifically, it provides requirements for lot indication in general, lot indication where food is not prepackaged, and cases where the lot indication need not be presented. According to the document, the indication of a lot must allow identification of the lot to which a foodstuff belongs. The lot must be determined and indicated on the packaging by the producer, processor, manufacturer or packager of the foodstuff or by the seller established in a Member State of the European Union who is first to sell the foodstuff. The indication must be presented on the prepackaging in such a way as to be clearly legible, easily visible and indelible.
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RT I, 03.12.2014, 9
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Legislation Amendment