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Regulation No. 150 of the Minister of Agriculture of establishing the Requirements for handling of medicated feedingstuffs.

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This Regulation establishes that medicated feedingstuffs may only be manufactured from those pre-mixes for medicated feedingstuffs concerning which the State Agency of Medicines has issued marketing authorisation for a veterinary medicinal product and which have been registered at the State Agency of Medicines as veterinary medicinal products and on the basis of a prescription for medicated feedingstuffs issued by a veterinarian. Producer of medicated feedingstuffs shall ensure that: (a) the manufactured medicated feedingstuff forms a homogeneous and stable mix; (b) the undesirable combined effect of the different ingredients of the medicated feedingstuff is precluded; (c)the storability of the medicated feedingstuff conforms to the published conditions; (d)the feedingstuff used in the manufacture of manufacture of the medicated feedingstuffs does not contain the same coccidiostat as the one used as an active substance in the manufactured medicated feedingstuffs; (e) the daily dose of active substance of the medicinal product is contained in a quantity of feedingstuffs corresponding to at least half of the daily feed ration of the animals treated or, in the case of ruminants, corresponding to at least half of the daily requirement of non-mineral complementary feedingstuffs. Medicated feedingstuffs may be placed on the market only in properly sealed packages or containers. A packaging shall be closed in such a way that it is damaged upon opening and the package cannot be reused. A container shall be sealed in such a way that upon the existence of a seal it is damaged when the container is opened.
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This Regulation enters into force on 1 January 2008.
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