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Regulation No. 75 of 2006 of Minister of Agriculture on Hygiene requirements for food processing and delivery in a retail business

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The Act establishes hygiene requirements for processing in a retail business such food of animal origin which is offered for sale, sold or delivered in some other way for or without charge to another retail business, incl. a catering establishment, which delivers food from its own retail business, incl. a catering establishment, to consumer, or which is meant for delivery to another retail establishment owned by the same retailer, incl. to a catering establishment, where this food of animal origin is delivered to consumer. For the purposes of this Regulation, processing food of animal origin is any activity changing any primary product, such as cutting, shredding, salting, heating, smoking, post-fermentation, drying, marinating, flavouring, extraction or a combination of those processes.
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RTL 2006, 49, 901
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