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Eritrean Crops and Livestock Corporation Establishment Proclamation, No. 170 of 2012

Type of law

This law establishes the Eritrean Crops and Livestock Corporation as an autonomous entity having its own legal personality and with the objectives to engage in the investment undertaking for the acceleration and development of the agricultural and livestock domain of Eritrea. Other objectives include that the Corporation will help Eritrea realize its socio-economic development objectives by maximization of the production of consumable agricultural crops, livestock and poultry farming and domestic supply and export of the agricultural produce. The Corporation has powers and functions to conduct research, document the necessary health standards of plants and livestock, procure necessary equipment, machinery or chemicals, construct, equip and maintain buildings, silos, storage facilities, among other functions and powers. The Corporation is composed of a board, the general manager and staff to ensure its efficient management. The law provides for the powers, composition and administration of the company and its various organs.
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A proclamation to establish the Eritrean Crops and Livestock Corporation.
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Legislation Amendment