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Eritrean Port Regulations, No. 103 of 2005

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These Regulations repeal the Eritrean Port Regulations, No. 46 of 2000 and Sea Port Regulations and Directives already in force in the Eritrean Ports. The Regulations apply to all Eritrean ports and also specifies all port boundaries and their accessibility. Essentially, the port authority may access the ports for inspection at will, only authorized persons may enter the ports, entry and exit into ports shall only be through designated entrances and exits, inland vehicles are subject to inspection upon entering or leaving the port gates, etc. The Regulations provides specific rules for ships entering and leaving the port, and requires certain permits for these activities. The Regulations also provide for certification and permits for pilots, including the cancellation of the permits, pilotage dues, etc. Provisions are also made for the loading and unloading of cargo, the storage and handling of cargo, special provisions for the discharge of petroleum and other liquid or semi-liquid substances, etc. The Regulations also provide general safety measures to be abided in all the ports, including, prevention of collision, readiness of ships in the port, lights within a port, use of fire or material emitting heat within the port, etc, use of divers, etc. A permit is also required for a person to do any kind of legitimate work within the ports.
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