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Factory Vessel Regulations (L.N. No. 67/2003).

Type of law

These Regulations lay down the hygienic conditions that shall apply to handling (slaughtering, freezing, processing, salting, packing, etc.) of fish products on board of factory vessels. Article 3 sets out minimum requirements for design and equipment. Article 4 prescribes design of areas for preparation and processing and freezing of fishery products. Article 6 prescribes requirements for vessels on which fish is frozen. A qualified person on board of a factory vessel shall be responsible for implementing best practices. Article 10 defines hygienic conditions applicable to heading, gutting and filetting, canning, smoking, thawing, etc. of fish. Article 24 contains general conditions for visual inspection of fish products. (27 articles)
Date of text
Entry into force notes
These Regulations enter into force on 30 April 2003.
Serial Imprint
Gazette of Eritrean Laws, vol. 12/2003, No. 4 of 30 April, 2003, pp. 42-55.
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