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National Agency to Promote the Participation of Eritreans in the Ownership of Public Enterprises Establishment Proclamation, No. 171 of 2012

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This law establishes the National Agency to Promote the Participation of Eritrean Citizens in the Ownership of Public Enterprises as an autonomous entity having its own juridical personality. The objectives and responsibilities of the Agency include to undertake, implement and ensure the participation of Eritreans living in Eritrea and abroad in national economic development activities through the direct transfer of ownership of small public enterprises or of shares in public enterprises converted into share companies, the agency has duties to identify the public enterprises that shall be converted into share companies and/or those already existing as share companies that would offer shares to Eritrean citizens, identify small public enterprises the ownership of which shall be transferred to Eritrean business organizations, associations and individual citizens, among others. The law also provides for the organs and composition of the Agency, including a board, the general manager and staff.
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A Proclamation to establish a National Agency to promote the participation of Eritreans in the ownership of Public Enterprises.
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