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Proclamation No. 7 Transitional Maritime Code of Eritrea.

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It is hereby proclaimed that the Maritime Code of 1960 Ethiopia hitherto in force shall, as of 15 September, 1991, serve as the Transitional Maritime Code of Eritrea with the following amendments and substitutions and with all words, phrases, names and dates denoting the Provisional Government of Eritrea. Except for the provisions of Article 46(1), the Maritime Code of Ethiopia of 1960 is hereby adopted and shall take effect. The provisions of Articles 2-5, Article 6(f) and (g) and Articles 28-31 of Proclamation No. 137 of 1953 as amended in 1956 are hereby adopted and shall take effect while the other provisions of the said Proclamation are hereby repealed. Relationship of this Transitional Maritime Code with other Colonial Laws All colonial laws which directly or indirectly contradict the provisions of this Transitional Maritime Code or which amend the provisions of the Maritime Proclamation or the 1960 Maritime Code of Ethiopia are hereby repealed.
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Publication of the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea (DOALOS), Office of Legal Affairs, United Nations, New York.
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