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Commission Regulation (EEC) No. 1538/91 introducing detailed rules for implementing Regulation (EEC) No. 1906/90 on certain marketing standards for poultry.

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For the purpose of implementing Regulation 1906/90, article 1 of this Regulation lays down the definition of poultry carcases, poultry cuts and foie gras. Poultry carcases shall be presented for sale in one of the following forms: partially eviscerated; eviscerated, with giblets; eviscerated, without giblets. For all carcase presentations, if the head is not removed, trachea and oesophagus may remain in the carcase. Giblets shall comprise only the parts referred to in article 2, paragraph 4. Article 3 regards the names under which poultry shall be sold. Article 5 fixes the temperature of frozen poultry meat. In order to be graded into classes A and B, carcases shall meet as a minimum the requirements specified in article 6. In the case of fresh poultry, there shall be no traces of prior freezing. In addition, poultry carcases and cuts shall meet the requirements established under article 6, paragraph 2. Article 9 deals with checks to be performed with a view to ensuring the compliance with these provisions.
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This Regulation came into force on 27 June 1991.
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Official Journal L 143, 7 June 1991, pp. 11-22.
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in force
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