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Council Directive 93/99/EEC on the subject of additional measures concerning the official control of foodstuffs.

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Member States shall ensure that the competent authorities have, or have access to, a sufficient number of suitably qualified and experienced staff, in particular in areas such as chemistry, food chemistry, veterinary medicine, medicine, food microbiology, food hygiene, food technology and law so that the controls referred to in article 5 of Directive 89/397/EC can be carried out adequately. Member States shall take all measures necessary to ensure that the laboratories referred to in article 7 of Directive 89/397/EC comply with the general criteria for the operation of testing laboratories laid down in the European Standard. The Commission shall appoint and designate specific officials to cooperate with the competent authorities of the Member States to monitor and evaluate the equivalence and effectiveness of official food control systems operated by the competent authorities of the Member States.
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CELEX-EUR Official Journal L 290, 24 November 1993, pp. 14-17.
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