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Crop Liens Act 1975.

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This Act provides with respect to any agreement whereby a person ( lienee ) agrees to advance moneys or supply goods to another ( lienor ) upon the security of the lienor's crop or crops of agricultural produce growing or to be grown or whereby such crop or crops is or are made the security for the payment of a debt from the lienor to the lienee or for any liability undertaken by the lienee for the lienor, or for other valuable consideration, shall be in the form given in the Schedule or as near thereto as circumstances may permit. Such agreement shall be registered by the Registrar of Deeds. Every agreement shall be attested by one of the persons set out in section 3 who must, before it is executed, explain the agreement to the lienor and satisfy himself that the lienor appeared to understand the meaning of the same. The same section also provides with respect to creation of preferable lien on crop. A lien given and created under the provisions of this Act shall not be extinguished or otherwise impaired by any subsequent sale, mortgage or encumbrance of or upon the land whereon the crop or crops is or are growing or situate, nor by the death or insolvency of the lienor.
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An Act to regulate the creation of liens for advances on crops.
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Reprinted version of Act No. 4 of 1975 as at 15 March 2005 (incorporating ordinance No. 12 of 1904 and amendments).
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