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Fruit Export and Marketing Regulations.

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Part II sets out general provisions that apply to all fruits exported from Fiji, as regards licensing of export, certificate to be furnished by licensed exporter, fumigation of fruit, conformity conditions, rejection of fruit intended for export and shipment by inspector, registration of brands, and handling, loading and stowing of fruit. Moreover, these Regulations set out provisions on the export of Mauritius beans and citrus fruits, terms and conditions of banana buyers' license, purchase and packing of bananas in proclaimed areas, duties and responsibilities of agents, and penalties and cancellation of licenses.
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This is a consolidated version of the Fruit Export and Marketing Regulations, including the amendments by the Regulations dated 14th of July 1932, 19th of October 1932, 5th of January 1933, 23rd of August 1939, 14th of March 1945, 19th of July 1946, 26th of April 1949, 26th of July 1951, 13th of December 1958, and 29th of October 1959, and Legal Notices No. 112 of 1970 and No. 80 of 1983.
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