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Rotuma (Public Health) Regulations.

Type of law
Date of original text

Regulations to provide certain rules relative to sanitation and safeguarding of public health in the Fiji Islands. The rules mainly concern constructions, sewerage and plantations in urban areas. No refuse shall be used in filling for any house foundation. It shall be the duty of the owners or occupiers of land within any village keep such land clean and free from weeds, rubbish and offensive matter. There shall be no food plantations within any village and all bush and scrub shall be cleared for a distance of at least twenty yards round every village. Every occupier of premises shall keep a receptacle for the collection or storage of water with a sufficient cover or screen so as to prevent the introduction of mosquitoes and shall at all times maintain the receptacle in a clean condition to the satisfaction of the District Officer or medical officer. In every village such drains shall be provided for carrying off surface water from any part of such village as the District Officer or medical officer may think fit.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Regulations of 4 September 1939 as at 17 March 2005.
Serial Imprint
Fiji Consolidated Legislation, Cap. 122.
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in force
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