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Access to the Countryside (Maps in Draft Form) (England) Regulations 2001 (S.I. No. 3301 of 2001).

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Part I of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 establishes a new regime for access to the countryside. Under Part I maps prepared by the Countryside Agency will show registered common land and open country. These Regulations make provision for the preparation of and consultation on maps in draft form under this Part. Regulation 3 provides for the preparation and scale of maps issued in draft form, including the form in which they are to be prepared. Regulation 4, and the Schedule, require the Agency to consult specified persons on maps issued in draft form, and regulations 5 and 6 require the Agency to publicise the issue of these maps and to make them available for inspection at their regional offices. Regulation 7 makes provision for the public to obtain "reduced scale maps", that is, copies of the maps issued in draft form but which may be at a smaller scale. Under regulations 8 to 11 provision is made for reduced scale maps to be made available for inspection on the internet, in local authority offices, libraries and at locations where they can be compared with registers of common land. Regulation 12 requires the Agency to consider representations made with respect to maps issued in draft form, and regulation 13 ensures that certified copies of such maps are receivable in evidence. Regulation 14 provides that any maps in electronic form must be capable of being reproduced in printed form.
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