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Agricultural Subsidies (Appeals) (Scotland) Regulations 2000 (S.S.I. No. 347 of 2000).

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These Regulations have affect in Scottish Law in relation to holdings, which are administered by the Scottish Ministers under the Integrated Administration and Control System Regulations 1993. They introduce for the first time legal rights to seek a review of the certain decisions of these Ministers in relation to payment of certain agricultural subsidies and to appeal such decisions after review to the Scottish Land Court. The kind of decisions which can be reviewed and appealed are set out in regulation 4. They are decisions to refuse reduce or recover in whole or in part payments under a Community schemes set out in Article 1.1 of Council Regulation 3508/92 ("IACS Scheme) or under certain provisions of the Hill Livestock (Compensatory Allowances) (Scotland) Regulations 1999. Procedure for review is by application made no later than 60 days following the date of the decision to be reviewed (reg. 5). The review in first instance will be conducted by the Scottish Ministers or their officials. Where an applicant review is dissatisfied by such a decision insofar that it does not completely comply with the remedy which he sought in his application, the applicant may apply to the Scottish Ministers to have their decision reviewed by persons appointed by them (reg. 8(1)). Decisions must be notified in accordance with regulation 10. Appeal may be lodged against that decision on any issue of fact or law to Scottish Land Court.
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Coming into force on 9 November 2000.
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