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Avian Influenza (H5N1 in Poultry) (Scotland) Order 2007 (S.S.I. No. 62 of 2007).

Type of law

This Order carries into effect in Scotland Commission Decision 2006/415/EC concerning certain protection measures in relation to highly pathogenic avian influenza of subtype H5N1 in poultry in the Community and provides for measures to prevent spreading of the disease such as restrictions on movement of goods and poultry and wild birds, marking of wild game bird meat and meat products, establishment of zones, licences and relevant risk assessment. It also specifies the health mark, and the alternative health mark pursuant to Council Directive 2002/99/EC laying down the animal health rules governing the production, processing, distribution and introduction of products of animal origin for human consumption, to be applied to fresh and processed poultry meat and meat products derived from wild birds. The Order specifies zones A and B for the purposes of Commission Decision 2006/415/2006, requires the Scottish to declare temporary control zones or temporary movement restriction zones under the Avian Influenza Order if highly pathogenic avian influenza of subtype H5N1 is suspected in poultry and specifies additional measures restricting movements of possibly infected material.
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Made under sections 1, 7, 8(1), 11, 15(5), 17(1),23, 25, 28, 35(1), 35(3) and 83(2) of the Animal Health Act 1981.
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