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Coast Protection Act, 1949 (Cap. 74).

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This Act provides for measures against erosion and encroachment of the coast of Great Britain by the sea. Part I of this Act provides for the protection of the coast. In sections 1 to 3 it provides for the administration relative to coast protection. It appoints the council of each maritime county, borough or county district as coast protection authority for its territory. Section 2 concerns the constitution of coast protection boards for areas to be specified by the Minister. Section 3 provides for joint committees of coast protection authorities. Sections 4 to 15 concern the execution of coast protection works. Section 4 defines general powers of the coast protection authorities in this respect. The authority may prepare a scheme of works pursuant to section 6. The scheme may indicate land for which coast protection charges shall be due (sect. 7). Section 14 regulates the compulsory acquisition of land by the Minister. Section 16 requires the consent for of an coast protection authority for the carrying out of works by any other person other than the authority, except that certain other authorities may carry out work on the basis of notification to the authority in accordance with section 17. Other provisions of Part I specify powers of an authority in respect of land and works for coast protection purposes.
Part II contains provisions for the safety of navigation.
Part III has been repealed by the Crown Estate Act 1961
Part IV regulates matters of miscellaneous character. It contains a list of interpretations in section 49.
The First Schedule sets out the procedure for making Orders and Provisions as to validity of Orders. The Second Schedule contains provisions as to Orders restricting excavation of materials from the seashore. The Third Schedule contains repealed enactments. The Fourth Schedule specifies waters excluded for purpose of definitions of sea and seashore . (50 sections divided into 4 Parts and completed by 3 Schedules)
Long title of text
An Act to amend the law relating to the protection of the coast of Great Britain against erosion and encroachment by the sea; to provide for the restriction and removal of works detrimental to navigation; to transfer the management of Crown foreshore from the Minister of Transport to the Commissioners of Crown Lands; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.
Date of consolidation/reprint
The present Act has been amended last on 25 February 2020 by Public Bodies (Abolition of Public Works Loan Commissioners) Order 2020 (S.I. 2020/176), as current to 13 January 2021. Coast Protection Act 1949 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 29 October 2020
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Official publication, HMSO, pp. 1-60.
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