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Common Agricultural Policy Non-IACS Support Schemes (Appeals) (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (S.S.I. No. 278 of 2004).

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These Regulations provide for a review of certain decisions of the Scottish Ministers in relation to decisions made under any of the Common Agricultural Policy support schemes listed in the Schedule to the Regulations. They apply in relation to decisions directed to applicants whose principal trading address was in Scotland at the date of the decision to be reviewed or appealed (reg. 3). The procedure for review is by application made no later than 6 months from the date of notification of the decision to be reviewed (reg. 4). The review in the first instance will be conducted by the Scottish Ministers. Certain powers are given to the Scottish Ministers in relation to such reviews (reg. 5(2)). Scottish Ministers must following a review give their decision in a form specified by regulation 6. Where an applicant is dissatisfied by such a decision, the applicant may apply to the Scottish Ministers to have their decision further reviewed by persons appointed by them (reg. 7).
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Enters into force on 3 July 2004.
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