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Flood Prevention and Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1997.

Type of law

The present Act, for purposes of flood prevention, spells out duties of local authorities to: (1) assess watercourses in their area from time to time for the purpose of ascertaining whether any such watercourse is in a condition which is likely to cause flooding of land, not being agricultural land, within or outwith their area: (2) maintain watercourses; and (3) prepare and publish a report specifying the measures which they consider that they require to take to prevent or mitigate the flooding of land in their area. Notwithstanding section 1(1) of, and Part XIII of Schedule 1 to, the Statute Law (Repeals) Act 1993, section 11(2) of the Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1930 (which preserves the effect of land drainage schemes settled under that Act and of provisions regarding such schemes) shall be taken not to have been repealed by the 1993 Act. (9 sections completed by 1 Schedule)
Long title of text
An Act to amend the Flood Prevention (Scotland) Act 1961 in relation to flood prevention measures to be taken by local authorities; to repeal section 11(2) of the Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1930 and section 8(2) of the Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1941; and for connected purposes.
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Entry into force notes
Please see section 9.
The Land Drainage (Scotland) Act 1941 is repealed. Various other Laws specified in the Schedule are amended by the present Act.
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