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Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 (2018 asp 12).

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The Act creates a framework of measures for Scotland s island communities. It gives effect to a range of policy changes to improve outcomes for island communities in Scotland. The Act places a duty on the Scottish Ministers to prepare, lay before the Scottish Parliament and publish a national islands plan. The plan will set out the overarching objectives and strategy of the Scottish Ministers for improving the outcomes of island communities across Scotland. It also requires Scottish public authorities to have regard to island communities when exercising their functions and to prepare impact assessments in relation to island communities in certain circumstances. The Act grants regulation-making power for the Scottish Ministers to create a licensing scheme in relation to any works in or under the sea in the coastal waters surrounding islands for up to 12 nautical miles. The Scottish Ministers may, by Regulations, establish a scheme by virtue of which a person must not, except in accordance with a licence granted by a local authority, carry on a development activity within such part of the Scottish island marine area as is designated in the regulations as a part in which such a licence is required to carry on a development activity.
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An Act of the Scottish Parliament to make provision for a national islands plan; to impose duties in relation to island communities on certain public authorities; to make provision about the electoral representation of island communities; and to establish a licensing scheme in respect of marine development adjacent to islands.
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