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Landfill (Scotland) Regulations 2003 (S.S.I. No. 235 of 2003).

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These Regulations set out a pollution control regime for landfills for the purpose of implementing Council Directive 99/31/EC on the landfill of waste in Scotland. Part I of the Regulations sets out the preliminary provisions. Regulation 3 sets out the scope of the Regulations. Regulation 5 requires planning authorities to take the location requirements of these Regulations into consideration when granting planning permission. Regulation 6 sets out the requirements for landfill sites which will be exempt from the provisions of these regulations set out in Schedule 1. Part II deals with landfill permits. Regulation 9 requires Scottish Environment Protection Agency to classify landfills as landfills for hazardous waste, non-hazardous waste or inert waste respectively. Regulation 10 sets out the requirements for conditions to be incorporated in landfill permits. Regulation 11 prohibits the acceptance of certain types of waste at landfills and regulation 12 sets out waste which may be accepted in the different classes of landfill. Regulation 14 lists the waste acceptance procedures which the operator of a landfill site must carry out including a visual inspection, tests, keeping a register of certain information. Regulation 17 provides for closure and after care procedures for landfills which may be related to the whole or part of the landfill. Regulation 18 provides for closure notices which may be used by SEPA to initiate closure of landfills. Part III of these Regulations contains miscellaneous provisions.
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Coming into force in accordance with article 1.
These Regulations replace the Landfill (Scotland) Regulations 2003 (S.S.I. 2003/208) as those Regulations were a nullity.
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