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Plant Breeders Rights' Regulations (No. 294 of 1978).

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These Regulations, made under the Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964, as amended, prescribe the form and manner in which applications are to be made for grants and plant breeders' rights. Provision is made for the granting of compulsory licences. These compulsory licences are granted in cases in which reasonable terms for licences cannot otherwise be obtained from the holder of rights. All parties concerned are given the right to make representations to the Controller of the Plant Variety Rights office established under the Act. Particulars of the application for a licence and decisions made by the Controller are published in the Official Gazette. Provision is made also for the selection of names for plant varieties and the keeping of a register which is open for inspection by the public. (24 regulations completed by 3 Schedules)
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Entry into force on 1 April 1978.
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