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The Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations 2018 (2018 No. 151).

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These Regulations set out provisions to reduce and prevent the pollution of waters from diffuse agricultural sources and apply to persons who have custody or control of agricultural land in England. Regulation 3 identifies circumstances in which applying organic manure and manufactured fertiliser is prohibited, these are when the soil is waterlogged, flooded or snow covered, or the soil has been frozen.
Regulations from 4 to 8 prescribe conditions to the application of organic manure and manufactured fertiliser respectively to agricultural land; cultivated agricultural land; near inland freshwaters or coastal waters, or near a spring, well or borehole; near inland freshwaters or coastal waters; near a spring, well or borehole. These entail a requirement to take into account factors that indicate a significant risk of agricultural diffuse pollution. Regulation 9 imposes restrictions on the storage of organic manure and regulation 10 establishes requirements for the management of livestock and soil. Regulations 4 and 10 also require land managers to take reasonable precautions to prevent agricultural diffuse pollution. Illustrative lists of reasonable precautions are provided.
Regulations 11 to 14 establish offences for failure to comply with these Regulations.
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April 2nd, 2018.
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