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Sea Fisheries Act 1968 (1968, Chapter 77).

Type of law

The 23 sections of the Act are divided into 5 headings: White Fish and Herring Subsidies- Levy on White Fish and Herring Industries- Regulation of Sea Fishing Operations- Miscellaneous- Supplemental. Sections under the Third Heading restrict fishing by foreign vessels within the British Fishery Limits and provide for enforcement measures. (completed by two Schedules)
Long title of text
An Act to make provision with respect to subsidies payable to, and the levies which may ne imposed on, the white fish and herring industries, to make further provision for the regulation of sea fishing, to amend the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967 and the Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1967, to make provision with respect to fishing boats and gear lost or abandoned at sea, to remove anomalies in certain enactments relating to sea fisheries and the white fish and herring industries and to repeal other such enactments which are obsolete or unnecessary; and for connected purposes.
Date of text
Repeals the Fishing Vessels Grants Act 1967 and the Sea Fisheries Act 1883. Repeals in part of other enactments in Schedule 2.
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