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Sea Fisheries (Wildlife Conservation) Act 1992.

Type of law

"In discharging their functions conferred or imposed on him or them by or under the Sea Fisheries Acts, the Minister or Ministers or any relevant body shall, so far as consistent with the proper and efficient discharge of those functions: (a) have regard to the conservation of marine flora and fauna; and (b) endeavour to achieve a reasonable balance between that consideration and any other considerations to which he or they are required to have regard" (sect. 1(1)). "Enactment" does not include an enactment contained in Northern Ireland legislation (sect. 1(2)) but this Act extends to Northern Ireland (sect. 2(3)).
Long title of text
An Act to require appropriate Ministers and relevant bodies to have regard to the conservation of flora and fauna in the discharge of their functions under the Sea Fisheries Act.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Two months after the date of passing.
Publication reference
FAL No. 42, 1993, pp. 327 and 328.
Source language


Legislation Amendment