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Seed Potatoes (Scotland) Regulations 2015 (S.S.I. No. 395 of 2015).

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These Regulations set out the general prohibitions and controls on the marketing of seed potatoes in Scotland and give effect to the requirements of Council Directive 2002/56/EC on the marketing of seed potatoes as last amended by Commission Implementing Decision 2014/367/EU. They restrict the marketing of seed potatoes in Scotland to those seed potatoes meeting the requirements of the defined terms pre-basic seed potatoes , basic seed potatoes , test and trial seed potatoes and scientific and selection seed potatoes (as defined). They also concern the certification and grading of seed potatoes produced in Scotland. When issuing a crop inspection report to certify seed potatoes as either pre-basic seed potatoes or basic seed potatoes, the authorised officer must also determine the applicable Union grade.
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