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Special Waste Regulations 1996 (S.I. No. 972 of 1996).

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These Regulations provide a new definition of special waste. They make provision for handling such waste and for implementing Council Directive 91/689/EEC on hazardous waste. Regulation 2 defines special waste, making reference to Parts I, II and III of Schedule 2. Household waste is excluded from the definition. Regulation 4 requires the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to give unique codes to be applied to consignments of waste or to carrier's rounds. Carrier's rounds consist of several consignments collected on the same journey and delivered to one place. The codes are to be shown, together with other required information, on consignment notes that are to accompany the waste when transported. Regulations 5 to 10 and 12 and 13 and Schedule 1 provide for the completion and handling of these notes and for pre-notification to the Agency of the consignment or round. Completion of such identification forms and their transport with waste are required by Article 5 of the Directive. Regulation 11 requires the Agencies to provide certain information to one another, following notification, where waste is to be transported from England and Wales to Scotland or vice versa. Regulations 11 and 14 do not implement Community obligations. Regulation 15 implements Article 4.3 of the Directive on the keeping of records by those consigning and carrying hazardous waste. Regulation 17 prohibits the mixing of special waste with other waste or other categories of special waste except where this is authorized under, or exempted from the effect of, certain other waste management legislation.
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