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Water and Sewerage Services to Dwellings (Collection of Unmetered Charges by Local Authority) (Scotland) Order 2014 (S.S.I. No. 3 of 2014).

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This Order, made under sections 37 and 68(2) of the Water Industry (Scotland) Act 2002, requires a local authority to demand and recover the charges payable for water services and sewerage services provided within a service year by Scottish Water to a dwelling situated within a local authority s area. a local authority must then pay to Scottish Water in instalments a sum determined by a specified formula. The Order sets out the forms and procedures for demanding payment. A person may appeal to a valuation appeal committee (established under the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 against a decision of a local authority in respect of water charges and/or sewerage charges. Local authorities shall keep accounts and records.
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