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Water Industry (Scotland) Act 2002 (Consequential Modifications) Order 2004 (S.I. No. 1822 (S. 3)).

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This Order makes provision in consequence of the Water Industry (Scotland) Act 2002. Section 20 of that Act created Scottish Water, which took over the functions previously exercisable by the water and sewerage authorities (the former East, North and West of Scotland Water Authorities). Article 2 provides for the modifications of the enactments specified in the Schedule to this Order. In the Schedule, modifications of public general enactments are in Part 1 and the modification of subordinate legislation is in Part 2. The effect of the modifications is to remove references to the old water and sewerage authorities and the Scottish Water and Sewerage Customers Council and to insert references to Scottish Water and a Water Customers Consultation Panel in the enactments and subordinate legislation specified.
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Coming into force on 14 July 2004.
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