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Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 1989 (S.I. No. 1147 of 1989).

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These Regulations supplement Chapter II (Water Supply) of Part II of the Water Act 1989. They are primarily concerned with the quality of water supplied in England and Wales for drinking, washing and cooking and with arrangements for the publication of information about water quality. Effect is given in Part II of the Regulations to Article 7 of Council Directive 80/778/EEC which relates to the quality of water intended for human consumption. Part I of the Regulations defines terms that are used in the Regulations. Part II prescribes standards of wholesomeness in respect of water that is supplied by water undertakers and private suppliers for drinking, washing or cooking. Part III enables the Secretary of State or, in the case of private water supplies, the Secretary of State or the appropriate local authority, to relax the requirements of Part II. Part IV provides for the monitoring of water supplies by reference to analysis of samples taken from consumers' taps. Part V contains additional provisions relating to sampling. Part VI deals with the treatment of water and regulates the substances, processes and products that may be used by water undertakers in connection with the supply of water. Part VIII imposes requirements on local authorities in the performance of their duties in relation to the quality of water supplied by water undertakers. Part IX provides that contraventions by water undertakers of duties or requirements imposed by Parts IV to VI of the Regulations are to be enforceable under section 20 of the 1989 Act by the Secretary of State.
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