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Ministerial Decision No. YPEN/DDD/100124/3310 of 2022. Extermination of feral pigs and their hybrids, as well as non-dominant pigs in forested areas and on agricultural and other lands, throughout the territory to address the effects of their overpopulation on agriculture, public safety and biodiversity.

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This Ministerial Decision, considering that in many areas of the country overpopulation of wild boar cause extensive damages to agricultural crops with corresponding effects on the agricultural economy, and considering that the measures already taken have not yet achieved the goal to decrease the wild boar population, provides for allowing the controlled persecution of wild boars and their hybrids, as well as non-dominant pigs, in forest, rural and other areas of the country, in order to deal with the impacts caused to agriculture, public safety and biodiversity. The Decision concerns: immediate formation of forest service teams in cooperation with the hunting associations, and in parallel with the measures taken in the Ministerial programmes for prevention and control of African swine fever in wild boars; implementation of prosecution measures, through hunting techniques, specification of areas of action, definition of hunting rights and the permission to buy and sell hunted wild boars and their parts; protection of hunting crew members; protection of threatened and endangered species of wild fauna; issuance of specific hunting licenses. The Decision also concerns: criteria for forming hunting crews; data collection and utilisation.
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State Gazette of the Greek Republic, Issue II, no. 5228 of 2022.
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. / /100124/3310 2022. , , , .