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Ministerial Decree No. 567/1999. Addition of article 12d transport by sea of bulk raw sugar to the Food Code, in compliance with Commission Directive 98/28/EC.

Type of law

This Decree approves the Decision by the Supreme Council of Chemistry by which article 12d is added to the Food Code. The new article regards transport by sea of bulk raw sugar and according to Directive 98/28/EC, by which it draws its provisions, the bulk transport of raw sugar by sea which is not intended for use as food nor as a food ingredient without a full and effective refining process is permitted in receptacles, containers or tankers that are not exclusively used for the transport of foodstuffs. Hygiene measures for the sugar containers are also prescribed. Trespassers of the hygiene provisions of this article shall be subject to the sanctions of article 157 of Decree No. 187/1973. The implementation of the provisions of this article is assigned to the competent Harbour, Sanitary and Chemical Services that jointly practice inspections and controls upon the initiative of the Hygiene Department.
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The Decree enters into force on the date of publication in the Official Gazette.
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Efimeris tis Kyverniseos No. 2258, Part II, 31 December 1999, pp. 27949 and 27950.
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. 567/1999. 12 " " 98/28 . . .