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Ministerial Joint Decision No. 313941 amending the Technical Regulation for the establishment of the characteristics to be covered as a minimum by the examination and the minimum conditions for examining certain varieties of agricultural plant species in accordance with Commission Directive No. 2003/90/EC.

Type of law

This Decision amends Ministerial Joint Decision No. 321125/2005 by replacing Annexes I and II attached thereto. The Annexes list a number of agricultural plant species that must comply with guidelines approved by the Community Plant Variety Office. For test protocols started before November 2007, requirements prescribed in Decision No. 321125/2005 shall apply. For the plant species "Cocksfoot", "Tall fescue", "Perennial ryegrass" and "Lucerne" Ministerial Decisions Nos. 454356/1987, 369868/1986, 454357/1987 and 369869/1986 shall respectively apply.
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Entry into force notes
The Decision enters into force as from 1 November 2007.
Serial Imprint
Efimeris tis Kyverniseos No. 2157, Part II, 7 November 2007, pp. 29991 and 29992.
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. 313941. 321125/2005 2003/90/ .