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Ministerial Joint Decree No. 3304/84 approving the replacement of paragraph 4, article 37 of the Food Code, concerning flour foodstuffs.

Type of law

The fourth paragraph of article 37 to the Food Code is replaced by the following paragraphs: "a) Milling or packaging powdered flour foodstuffs is allowed to be performed only in laboratories holding a special licence for this purpose and being under the control of the competent authorities of the Supreme Council of Chemistry. b) Such licence is issued after request to the competent authorities. In the request should appear the place, the Board of Directors of the laboratory, a description of its machinery and a sketch plan of the premises. c) The Supreme Council of Chemistry must delegate a chemist to verify "in situ" if the laboratory fulfils the requirements of the present paragraph and to confirm it by a written report. d) The licence is granted provided the chemist's positive written report and as long as the interested parties provide the Council of Chemistry with certificates or licences (if such certificates are required) issued by other competent authorities. e) The laboratories must be provided by the following equipment: electrically driven milling machines, balance, sieves, automatic packaging machine. In the laboratories of packaging is required only the existence of the indispensable machinery. f) In addition to the sanitary and technical requirements, the premises must also fulfil the requirements of safety. g) The import with the purpose of retail distribution of self-same powdered flour foodstuffs is allowed provided their package does not exceed 50 grammes of weight. The mandatory information concerning such products must be written in Greek and included in the package or outer wrapping.".
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Efimeris tis Kyverniseos No. 822, Part II, 31 December 1985, pp. 8038 and 8039.
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