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Presidential Decree no. 374 of 2001. Protection of animals in farms, in compliance with Council Directive 98/58/EC and in execution of Decision 2000/50/EC of the Commission.

Type of law

This Presidential Decree establishes basic rules for the protection of animals in farms and inspection of livestock unit, in compliance with European Legislation on the matter. The Decree applies to animals, including: fish, reptiles and amphibians, raised or kept for the production of food, hide, skin; and excludes from its application animals living in the natural environment, animals intended to participate in competitions, demonstrations, cultural or sporting events, invertebrates, and laboratory test animals. According to the Decree, owners of animals are obliged to take all appropriate measures to ensure the welfare of the animals and that the animals do not suffer any unnecessary pain. The Decree specifies the conditions for rearing or keeping animals, according to the species, their degree of development, adaptation and physiological needs; roles and responsibilities of competent Veterinary authority; conditions for feeding, watering and administration of hormonal or thyrostatic substances used in animal production for profit-making purposes.
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Government Gazette of the Greek Republic, issue I, no. 251 of 2001.
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Legislation Amendment
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. 374 2001. , 98/58/ 2000/50/ . . .