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Land Surveyors Act (Cap. 97:01).

Type of law
Date of original text

This Act concerns land surveying by appointed land surveyors. The 35 sections of the text are divided into 8 Parts: Without title (sects. 1-3); Board of Examiners (sects. 4-7); Certificates (sects; 8-12); Apprentices (sects. 13-15); Notices of survey (sects. 16-19); Boundaries (sects. 20); Plans (sects. 21-26); State and public surveys (sects. 27-28); Miscellaneous provisions (sects. 29-35).
Surveyors are required to pass a state examination in order to receive a certificate from the Minister (sect. 8). The Superintendent of Surveys shall make an index of all plans and diagrams and of all reports or memoranda lodged with him under this Act (sect. 26). Sections 27 and 28 deal with entry upon private lands by Land Surveyors. Incorrect surveys may cause cancellation of certificates and liability to pay fines (sect. 31). (1 Schedule; certificate of Land Surveyor)
Long title of text
An Act to make provision for the appointment of land surveyors and with respect to land survey.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated Edition of Act No. 20 of as authorized by L.R.O. 1/2012 and amended last by Act No. 15 of 1999.
Serial Imprint
Laws of Guyana, pp. 1-14.
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