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Law on gas market.

Type of law

This Law prescribes all necessary standards and rules aimed to correctly regulate the safe and reliable production, transportation and storage of natural gas on the territory of the Croatian Republic, including the management of terminals for liquefied natural gas (LNG), gas distribution and supply measures, as well as the official organization of the gas market as part of the EU gas market.
This Law further lays down the rules related to the protection of customers, the organization and functioning of the natural gas sector, the concession for gas distribution, the concession for the construction of the distribution system, the right of access to third-party model of balance groups, the strategy of open access to the market (also determining the general rate of liability and general service provisions), financial aspects, the rules of access to the gas system, and the principle of reciprocity and cross-border transportation of gas.
The rules established by this Law are applicable to natural gas and all other types of gases (biogas, city gas, gas from biomass and liquefied natural gas).
The Law is divided into 21 Chapters and 113 articles, including offences and related penalties.
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Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette,except for the provisions deriving from Council Directives that will enter into force on the day of the Croatian accession into the European Union.
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Zakon o tr i tu plina.
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