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Decree No. 128 of 2009 (X. 6.) FVM of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development concerning veterinary medicinal products.

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This Decree consists of 117 articles and it is divided into nine parts: General Provisions (I); Veterinary medicinal products (II); Production and import of veterinary medicinal products (III); Labelling of veterinary medicinal products and the instruction sheet (IV); Wholesale and retail sale of veterinary medicinal products and possession (V); Official controls and sanctions (VI); Exchange of information, obligation to inform (VII); National provisions in relation to the Community authorization procedures of veterinary medicinal products (VIII); Veterinary biocide products (VIII/A); Transitory and final provisions (IX).
This Decree applies to the authorization of marketing of veterinary medicinal products produced fully or partially using industrial processing methods, to the processing, marketing and use of these products. The rules of this Decree shall be applied also to biocide products specified in paragraph 2 of Article 1/A, and to medicinal products, care products and excipients. This Decree shall not be applied to medicated feed, vaccines and to other products specified in Article 2. Marketing authorizations are granted by the National Food-Chain Safety Agency (N BIH).Production of veterinary medicinal products or their active substances and any of the production phases (including quality controls) can be performed exclusively upon the authorization of N BIH.
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The consolidated version of the Decree entered into force on 15 March 2014.
Publication reference
Magyar K zl ny 142. sz m, 2009. okt ber 6., pp. 37796-37889.
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Legislation Amendment
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128/2009. (X. 6.) FVM rendelet az llatgy gy szati term kekr l