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Decree No. 30 fo 2014 (XII. 5.) FM of the Ministry of Agriculture on the extension of market measures concerning the controlling activity of the National Council of Wine Growers Associations in connection with the improvement of traceability of winery products without a geographical indication and the related control fee.

Type of law

This Decree provides rules of control of treacability from the producer to the consumer of wine products without geographical indication. The controlling authority is the National Council of Wine Growers' Associations. A control fee is to be paid to the National Council for its controlling activity by the producer and the National Council may issue numbered and registered control stamps upon request of the producer.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
15 December 2014.
This Decree will cease being in force on 30 July 2016.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
30/2014. (XII. 5.) FM rendelet a Hegyk zs gek Nemzeti Tan cs nak az egyes f ldrajzi jelz s n lk li bor szati term kek nyomon k vethet s g nek jav t s hoz kapcsol d ellen rz sr l s fizetend ellen rz si d jr l sz l piacszervez si int zked s nek kiterjeszt s r l