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Presidential Regulation no. 62 of 2023 concerning the Acceleration of Implementation of Agrarian Reform.

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This Presidential Regulation provides for strengthening the implementation of the agrarian reform, as a national strategic program to create justice in land ownership and management, to improve land distribution, and to resolve agrarian conflicts. According to the Regulation, the agrarian reform provides for achieving a fair and prosperous society, through the redistribution of land, the legalisation of assets, and the implementation of targeted strategies and programmes. The Regulation focuses on the following objects of the agrarian reform: the land controlled by the State, the land owned or utilised by the local communities, for redistribution or legalisation purposes. The Regulation covers the following matters: land rights, as the legal relationship between the right holder and the land, including the control to own, use and exploit the space above the land, and the space below the ground; forest area; State forests; production forest area.
The Regulation describes: the procedures and requirements for redistributing land to the subjects of agrarian reform, including: identification, measurement, mapping, determination, and certification of land rights; the purpose and implementation of a joint survey, conducted by the Ministry of Forestry and Agrarian Affairs, in coordination with local authorities, in order to improve redistribution of land that originates from the release of forest areas, and to determine the pattern of conflict resolution and land redistribution, in forest and non-forest areas, non-forest areas, State-owned enterprises assets,. Further matters covered by this Regulation concern: criteria and conditions for various types of asset legalisation, including: land certification, land titling for transmigration areas, and land administration for customary and communal lands; the creation of a regional task force to facilitate the resolution of land conflicts, the integration of assets and the implementation of the reform; monitoring, controlling, and reporting of the agrarian reform; funding sources for the acceleration of agrarian reform, which include the State and regional budgets; the involvement of the communities in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of agrarian reform.
This Regulation describes also the impacts of the agrarian reform on the farmers and the indigenous communities, focusing particularly on the following aspects: legal ownership or use rights over the land; improvement of livelihood security and productivity; legal recognition and protection for the farmers land assets; reducing vulnerability to land disputes and expropriation; promotion of social stability and harmony in rural areas, through the strengthening of the farmers land rights and access; economic empowerment and status of farmers; improving the recognition of indigenous communities customary land rights; encouraging the indigenous communities participation in implementing and planning the reform.
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State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia no. 126 of 2023.
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Peraturan Presiden Nomor 62 Tahun 2023 Tentang Percepatan Pelaksanaan Reforma Agraria.