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European Communities (Labelling and Marketing Standards for Poultrymeat) Regulations 2004 (S.I. No. 42 of 2004).

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These Regulations require compliance with European Community legislation on the marketing standards for poultry meat. These standards concern such matters as water content, labelling, quality grading, free range production etc. The Regulations also create penalties for non-compliance and provide for the authorization of officers to conduct inspections. A person shall not market poultry meat to which the E.C. Regulations apply unless it complies with all the requirements of the E.C. Regulations applicable to it and it is marketed in compliance with the E.C. Regulations. Poultrymeat bearing the special terms set out in Article 10 of the Commission Regulation EEC) No 1538/91 of 5 June 1991 as amended shall not be marketed unless it has been slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, and produced by a producer, registered under Regulation 6.
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Any instruments or documents created under the European Communities (Marketing Standards for Poultrymeat) Regulations 2002 and in force on immediately before the commencement of these Regulations continue in force after such commencement as if created under these Regulations.
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