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National Renewable Energy Action Plan.

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The National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) sets out the Government s strategic approach and concrete measures to deliver on Ireland s 16% target under Directive 2009/28/EC. National Renewable Energy Action Plan. The areas of intervention identified by the NREAP are heat, transport and electricity. Section 4 provides an overview of all policies and measures to promote the use of energy from renewable resources, these are: Biofuels Mineral Oil Tax Relief (MOTR) Schemes to increase production and use of biofuel; Greener Homes Scheme, financial facilitates to wider deployment of renewable-energy heating technologies in the residential sector; Grant support for the planting of perennial biomass crops (willow and miscanthus) contributes to biomass needs of renewable energy sector; a policy that facilitates renewables by providing for grid connections outside the gate process for certain small, renewable, low carbon generators; new local and central authorities; etc.
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