Data source
Date of text
24 Mar 2014
Seat of court
New Delhi
Original language


Reference number
No. 73/2012
Court name
National Green Tribunal
Swatanter Kumar
U.D. Salvi
Dr. D.K. Agrawal
Prof. A.R. Yousuf
Dr. R. C. Trivedi
connectivity conservation, deforestation, environmental impact assessment, forest biodiversity, forest conservation, Forest ecosystems, licence, mining

In this case, the plaintiffs challenged the decision taken by the authorities to grant a permit to an extractive company to dig a mine in the forest surrounding the biodiversity hotspot Hasedo Arand forest.

The plaintiffs pointed out that the mining activities could have some irreversible consequences on the ecosystems even if the mine was not supposed to be located within the perimeter of the biodiversity hotspot.

The National Green Tribunal considered that in view of the evidence of impact on the biodiversity due to several biodiversity corridors crossing the area where the mine was supposed to be implemented, the decision had to be quashed. Indeed, the Tribunal considered that the impacts on the environment were not proportionate to the results expected and requires the authorities to issue a new order which would take into account the damages done to the biodiversity and the ecosystem as well as mechanisms of restorations.