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Decree 18 January 2018 Discipline of the regime of conditionality according to the Regulation (EU) n. 1306/2013 and on the reductions and exclusions for default beneficiaries of direct payments and development programmes for rural development.

Type of law

This Decree here offers the lists of all mandatory management criteria and defines the rules for the maintenance of land in good agronomic conditions, and in environmentally balanced regime, as prescribed by several documents here observed and listed (rules important for the application of the conditionality regime in rural development sector).
This text further imposes the effective implementation of supplementary regulations concerning the reductions and exclusions of public contributions (duties of the national Agency for agricultural grants) pursuant to the provisions of Regulations (EU) no. 809/2014 and (EU) no. 640/2014; also defines the minimum requirements related to the use of fertilizers and plant protection products (as prescribed by the Regulation (EU) 1305/2013, if not otherwise defined by related programmes of certain Italian regions and/or autonomous provinces).
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Entry into force notes
This Decree enters into force on the day after its publication in the Official Gazette.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Italy 80/2018
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Decreto 18 gennaio 2018 Disciplina del regime di condizionalita' ai sensi del Regolamento (UE) n. 1306/2013 e delle riduzioni ed esclusioni per inadempienze dei beneficiari dei pagamenti diretti e dei programmi di sviluppo rurale.