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Legislative Decree No. 28 implementing EEC Directives Nos. 89/662/CEE and 90/425/CEE concerning veterinary checks on live animals and animal products applicable to intracommunity exchanges.

Type of law

The Decree applies only to the products and animals listed in Annexes A and B. It establishes the checks, marking and labelling procedures of such products to be performed in compliance with the legislation in force. The legislation covers the hygiene requirements, the conditions and the checks to be carried out by the appropriate health authority during every phase of the production cycle, the storage, the trade and the transport of the animals and of the products of animal origin. The decree establishes also all the measures to be taken in case of contravention or in case of detection of a disease or other potential hazards for the human or animal health. Annex A lists the veterinary and zootechnical legislation to be applied to intracommunity exchanges of fresh meat, meat-based products, treated milk, etc. Furthermore, the products must satisfy other requirements established in article 9, which concerns, inter alia, the controls of the establishments of origin, the identification and registration of the animals, the issue of a sanitary certificate, the control of markets and collection centres. Annex B concerns the products which are not subject to the community legislation but the exchange of which is subject to the controls provided for by the Decree (game, milk and milk-based products, aquaculture and fisheries products, bivalve molluscs, blood, fats, honey, snails, frog legs for human consumption).
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Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana No. 28, 4 February 1993.
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