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Regional Act No. 21 on the management and control of the viticulture potential.

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In compliance with the provisions laid down in Regulation 1493/1999/EC, the present Regional Act makes provision on the management and monitoring of vine growing. Grape areas shall be registered in order to elaborate the inventory of vine production. The Provinces shall be in charge of the keeping and updating of vine surfaces. Any transfer of such surfaces shall be notified within 60 days. The installation of vine surfaces shall be subject to the prior issuance of an authorization by the competent Province (art. 3). Nevertheless, when such surfaces shall be destined to experimentation, the authorization must be granted by the Region. Article 4 concerns the expansion of vine surfaces intended for the production of wine of designation of origin. The expansion in such case shall be carried out on the basis of special three-year plans drawn up by the competent Provinces. Surveillance functions are entrusted to the Provinces, which shall also provide for the application of the penalties laid down in article 8 in case of infringement.
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This Regional Act came into force on 27 June 2002.
Regional Act No. 27 of 20 March 2000 on vine surfaces is hereby repealed.
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