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Regional Law 27 April 2016 No. 8 concerning forestry law of Sardegna.

Type of law

The purpose of this law is the protection of the complexity and multifunctionality of the forest system with particular reference to the following aspects: a) the protection and care of the forest as an indispensable asset; b) sustainable forest management to meet the needs of present and future generations; c) the protection of the forest heritage from the threat of fires; d) hydrogeological protection of the territory and soil protection; e) the protection and increase of biodiversity, the protection of the landscape and the environment, including forest systems falling in coastal and dune contexts; f) the enhancement and increase of the forestry and silvo-pastoral supply chains, connected to the management of the woods and the use of forest biomass, for the purpose of energy production; g) the development of tourism and recreational activities; h) support for the forest economy with particular reference to rural and mountain development; i) the mitigation of the effects associated with climate change and the fight against desertification processes; j) the promotion of forest culture, environmental education, training and updating of operators; k) knowledge of forest ecosystems through research, monitoring and inventory; l) the simplification of administrative activity in forestry matters; m) the economic impact of activities related to the valorization and exploitation of the forest system, in particular way in the sectors of beekeeping, medicinal plants, nurseries, forestry, wood production burning and other forms of fuel of natural origin, compost, tourism, also in relation to the sectors of referred to in letters f), g), h) and j).
Art. 4 defines the different terms used in the law and classifies the types of forests. Title II lays down the discipline for forest management planning at regional level (Piano forestale ambientale regionale - PFAR); at municipal level (Piani forestali territoriali di distretto - PFTD); and at individual property/business level (Piani forestali particolareggiati - PFP). Title II sets regulations on the creation of a Natura2000 forest plan and contains as well instruments aimed at monitoring and collating research data. Title III regulates forest management; it defines public forest, contains provisions for converting a forest into agricultural land.
Title IV concerns forest fire prevention measures. Title V contains incentives aimed at promoting forestry, forest products and the activities connected to this; this include: the Region favors associative forms of forest management; promotes silvicultural activities; supports forest certification system; among others. Title VI establishes and regulates the operations of the Regional Forestry Agency for land development of the Sardinian environment.
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Legge regionale 27 April 2016 No. 8, Legge Forestale della Sardegna.