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The Emergency Powers (Parish of St. James) Regulations no. 389 of 2023.

Type of law

These Regulations, made under section 3 of the Emergency Powers Act, concern the maintenance, or establishment of essential services by the Government or any public or private enterprise during an emergency, including: collection, storage, purification or distribution of water; collection, storage, treatment and disposal of sewage or garbage; manufacture, storage or distribution of gas for use by the public; generation, storage or distribution of electricity for use by the public; prevention, control and extinguishing of fires; maintenance of public health; distribution of food or drink of any description. Matters covered by these Regulations include: protection of public property; protection of essential services; right of access to any land or building by the public authority; power to requisition services; power to restrict access to any area and related offences; establishment of tribunal for review of cases of detention; assessment of compensation in respect of the taking of the land.
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The Jamaica Gazette Supplement, Vol. CXLVI no. 315 of 2023.
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