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Bilateral Economic Agreement between Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Type of law

This Agreement is composed of 16 articles and 2 Annexes. Article 1 provides for the cooperation between two Countries by surmounting difficulties and obstacles which limit the move and transfer of persons, commodities, capitals and goods. The two Parts shall agree in the following fields: (a) facilitation of movement and transfer of persons and capitals; (b) facilitation of property and inheritance rights according to the legislation in force; (c) facilitation and regulation of the transportation and transit between the two Countries;(d) facilitation of the residence, work, use and practise of economic activities in the two Countries; and, (e) facilitation of the commerce exchange between the two Parties. Article 3 establishes the Joint Committee and defines its competencies. Article 4 deals with the liberty to import directly agricultural and animal products, and the natural resources exempted from taxes and previous licences. Articles 9-11 apply to the transit of public and private transportation means and the issuance of residence permits. Article 12 allows professional fishermen in the two Countries to fish in the Territorial waters of one another on the condition that the vessels are registered and licensed. Article 13 provides for the exemption of vessels and fishermen from all taxes and fees. Article 14 allows vessels belonging to the two Countries to enter the ports during authorized times. Article 15 guarantees the aid, facilitations and assistance to vessels in ports or in the high sea.
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Entry into force notes
This Agreement enters into force fifteen days after the date of exchange of the ratification documents which should be carried out within two months from the date of the signature.
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